I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank all my clients. My passion about what I do is because of you. While reflecting on what you have written about me, I am touched. Thank you for your heartfelt praise and endorsements.

This is to commend and recommend Aviva Giannotti – my coach and mentor; for helping me get a job after two and a half years of looking on my own. She said, “ Work with me, Lucy, and in two months you will be working. Well, it took me a little longer; it took me 4 months because of various things going on, mainly, my resistance. I was very nervous about being “influenced”, “bossed around”, and not being able to do this process in my own way and at my own pace. Obviously my own way needed a little help, especially in the resume department.

Well, Aviva worked with me, never lost faith in me, backed off without disappearing totally when I needed her to give me some space, reworked my resume so that it was sparkling and helped me nail my dream job just two days ago!

I would describe Aviva as a proactive sustaining presence. By that I mean, once she takes you on, and you agree to the goals, you have someone totally on your side, with ideas, resources, and suggestions.

In short, Aviva Giannotti is worth the investment. Lucy, Hillsdale, NJ

I was referred to Aviva Giannotti to help me with my resume but I had no idea writing a resume for today’s job market had changed so drastically for I had not updated my resume in over fifteen years. Aviva was insightful with career opportunities for my background, and revamped my resume to include information in such a creative and informative way that I had headhunters and companies calling me within a week after sending out my resume. I landed, not one but two great opportunities and have been with the company I chose, NJ PURE, for three years now. After my recent promotion I turned to Aviva, once again to help me write a bio about myself for my company’s website and she produced a great piece of work that even my boss was impressed. Aviva has helped me out tremendously not only with my resume, but with my husband’s resume also, which landed him a great job. She is a very astute and perceptive lady and I highly recommend her. Cynthia & Mark Manalapan, NJ

You were so good to me with all the things I learned from you.  You are such an asset to all of us that you helped.  To me God sent me an angel, which was you.  If it weren’t for you I wouldn't have known about going to school.  I finally got my grades, and I got all A's in my classes.  They were very hard classes.  I thought they were going to be so easy.  I worked harder in these classes than when I went to college. When I graduated, I was so happy.  My children were there to see me.  They have seen me go thru so much so this was such a gift.  I am again so grateful!!!! And to follow-up, I am so excited because I just learned that I passed my teaching exam. Thank you for holding my hand every step of the way. Connie, Mahwah, NJ

Ms. Giannotti was of great assistance in helping me in all phases of my job search. Her suggestions as to how to customize my resume to capture my unique repertoire of skills, depending on the position to which I applied, were right on target.  The edits she proposed for my cover letters were astute and well conceived.  Throughout my job search she was available when I needed her and she offered constructive, creative ideas as to where I should search for professional opportunities.  Her high energy, patience and endless support made the job search process much more tolerable.  She was my best cheerleader and confidant. I am very grateful for her professionalism and commitment to helping me at every step of this process.  I can’t thank you enough for all the time you spent with me. Emily, New York, NY

When I first met Aviva, she was truly a professional, she listened with empathy and also critiqued my resume as to what I needed to include in order for me to have an outstanding resume so I can compete with millions of other applicants out there.  She is also very thorough as to what job websites I should look at for my job search.  Aviva provides real, practical job website tips that cater to your career.  She also offered real insights as how the job market is.  She is truly experienced, friendly, result oriented and resourceful to a lot of insider job tips you should really know.  I definitely think Aviva is a great career consultant.  Judy B. New City, NY

I was referred to Aviva through a mutual friend. At the time, I was having difficulty finding a position after being laid off from my job. Aviva met with me and gave me an assessment to see what type of positions would best fit my interests and skills. The results were amazing. Aviva's help didn't stop there. Daily, she e-mailed me job postings from resources I never knew existed and only in the fields I was best qualified for. Because of Aviva never giving up on me, I could never give up on myself. Cindy S. Rockland County, NY

From the minute I met Aviva, I knew that things would "be okay".....!   She has such a warm, soothing friendly manner.  It was difficult for me to believe that I'd just met her - I felt as if I'd known her for years and years. I had been looking to rejoin the workforce having been at home raising a family for a number of years.  My first attempt at going back to work lasted over 4 years but was sheer misery and I was beginning to think that I'd NEVER find something. Aviva had many useful ideas and websites for me to look into and I certainly did try them all. As luck would have it, I found a position in one of the big hospitals. I never forgot her. I'd recommend her in a heartbeat and should I ever be looking again, for sure one of my first calls will be to Aviva. Stephanie L. Bergen County, NJ

The seminar you presented met and exceeded our audience’s expectations. The basis of your success was mainly due to the connection you made with the audience. Your presentation proved to be insightful and valuable. Michael Williams, VP Operations, Rockland Employees Federal Credit